[Wine]Re: Pseudo Partitions

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Sun Dec 26 20:01:51 CST 2004

Oops. I see the configuration method for the FAT partitions is no longer in 
~/.wine/config as it was in an earlier version of wine that I had used. I will 
try attaching the symbolic link m: to /home/me/MPart and see what happens. 
Please try to stop me if I'm still off base with this.

<wine-users at winehq.org> wrote at 9:10 on 26 Dec 2004:

> Is there a requirement that Drive C, Drive D, ... etc. NOT point to a part of
> the physical native Linux file system (e.g. reiserfs)?
> What I want to do is take directory M:\XYZ (/win/m/XYZ), copy it so that an
> image of it appears in /home/me/MPart/XYZ and configure Wine to view
> /home/me/MPart as being M;\ if that is possible. But so far, the Windows
> application does not like that. Maybe I don't know how to change .wine/config
> properly.

Drifting OT: My original usage of wine was the copy that came as a part of the 
SuSE 9.0 pro distro. Since then I have updated through SuSE's 9.1 pro distro to 
their 9.2 pro distro. I also have installed a couple of binary RPM packages 
from winehq for my SuSE system. I saw no warning of this change. One other 
change that I have tripped over is the wine command line has changed to no 
longer support switches for wine between "wine" and the application name.

I guess no one responded to any of my earlier posts to this list because I 
obviously had no clue as to what I was talking about. Actually, people like me 
need a pointer in the right direction sometimes. It does not do to say, "read 
the foolish manual" if I don't know where to find the foolish manual.


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