[Wine]Xara X Install or Execute

J Facemyer faceman at impressusart.com
Mon Dec 27 07:22:44 CST 2004

I figured it out - I finally figured out file permissions for my fat 
drives, and Xara started up from my Windows partition just fine (I 
thought I had the permissions correct, but I didn't have user write 
yet.)  However, since that didn't change the situation of the face c: 
install I wanted, it didn't solve the problem, but I knew that the font 
itself was not a problem with wine.  The problem was that Xara was 
trying to write to the font file or something.  So it seemed like the 
font file newly installed might be different from that which had been 
used already by Xara.  Sure enough, the files were different between the 
fake drive with the new install and the fat drive where I had been using 
Xara under windows.  So I copied the font file from the fat partition 
into my fake drive fonts dir, and it worked fine!  Don't know why it was 
trying to write to the font file or why it wouldn't work, but that seems 
to be what the problem was.  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for your help!

Note: it doesn't work perfectly.  I can't see the handles on anything 
when I edit splines, and the spaces in fonts come up as blocks, so if 
anyone has any hints, I'd appreciate the help.


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