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Thu Dec 30 15:46:39 CST 2004

Am Di, Dez 28, 2004 at 01:54:33 -0800 schrieb Tom Skeren:
> >Never tried. I have non installed here. But WineTools need only bash and
> >brings it own Xdialog. This is a Linux binary so you probably have to
> >link a BSD one into WineTools directory.
> > 
> >
> There is a port for winetools in FBSD, but it's for 1.25.  Here's what 
> occured while using:
> On FBSD after linking wt gives error:
>    lildude# wt
> /usr/local/bin/wt: 89: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

It is important that you have a recent bash installed. The first line of
/usr/local/winetools/wt208jo points to /bin/sh. Under Linux there will
be a bash being started. I changed this to /bin/bash for the next
release of WineTools. For now you can change the line for usage in BSD.
And remember to change the DIALOG variable in line 12 to your Xdialog

> On SuSE Linux 9.1 Personal Edition:
>    winetools fails to install ie6.  When using an English copy of 
> ie6setup.exe, winetools warns of the need to mount a cd, but a cd is 

It is important that you first go through the *hole* Base setup. That
mean also creating a new WineTools. And yes, there you have to enter the
*right* path for CDs to mount. The path /mnt/cdrom is just an example.

WineTools has an error that leads to the CD mount question every
time you do not use the default file download option. Just say "no" here
and everything should work. The error is fixed in the next version.

> mounted.  I noticed that winetools made a d:: directory, but linked it 
> to /dev/cdr0 or something.  However, the correct device link is 

It asks for the right location and you have to enter it during Base
setup. But as I explained you do not need to mount the CD if you have a
downloaded file. Just point to the right point. Because of the above
mentioned error you have to have the file in your home directory. This
will also be fixed in the next version.

> But that leads to anothe problem.  Unlike FBSD where /home is linked to 
> /usr/home, /home on SuSE (and other Linux's) is /.  Well this is 

In a typical Linux environment you partition your drive to have /home on
a different partition.

> problematic for those who setup our partitions the good ol' BSD way.  
> Like this:
> /dev/hda2      3.1g        /
> /dev/hda4      25g         /usr
> /dev/hda3      11g         /var  ----this is a bit off for BSD but Linux 
> uses /var more than BSD by default.
> Thus using /home/user/.wine uses quite a bit of a small slice.  It would 
> be nice if one could specify a wine install directory. 

No this is not true. WineTools uses the $HOME variable and does
everything related to that. Also Wine installs at ~/.wine which is where
ever you user has it's directory. In bash this points to the real home
directory which is in BSD where ever it is.

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