[Wine]WineTools 2.0.8 released

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 12:34:42 CST 2004

On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 19:20:41 +0100, Joachim von Thadden <thadden at web.de> wrote:
> Am Fr, Dez 31, 2004 at 10:01:49 -0800 schrieb Mark Knecht:
> >    I found one thing on your web page a bit unclear. It says that we
> > should 'definitely start with the "Base setup" and create a new fake
> > Windows drive.'
> >
> >    What does this mean? What is a 'base setup' in your mind? I'm not
> > clear and I'm not a Wine expert or even very experienced with it.
> >
> >    If I have an account that has no Wine setup (so far) then what do
> > you suggest be done before running WineTools?
> Nothing. Everything is done with WineTools (except for installation of
> wine for sure). WineTools is menu driven. "Base setup" is a menu entry.
> Just try it out.
> Regards and a happy new year
>         Joachim

Happy New Year's Eve to you too? (Or are you very far east?) 

OK, so I'm trying it out. In this account I have a Transgaming
installation, but no Wine installation. (I.e. - no .wine directory) I
start winetools in a terminal and see:

[mark at Godzilla mark]$ wt
ls: /home/mark/.wine/dosdevices/: No such file or directory
Wine wine: creating configuration directory '/home/mark/.wine'...
wine: '/home/mark/.wine' created successfully.
/usr/local/bin/wt: line 24: cd: /home/mark/.wine/c/: No such file or directory
wine is executed as "setarch i386 wine"
Parameters are ""
/usr/local/bin/wt: line 1445: [: too many arguments
Version of Wine is OK.
Calls to wine are executed as "setarch i386 wine".
Config is /home/mark/.wine/winetools.log.
CDROM is .

I dont like the comment about line 1445. What's that about?

At this point I now have a .wine directory with reasonable files as
contents. I have not looked into any of the files. The dos_devices
directory shows c: And z: and I have the About WineTools page up. I
say OK and get the intro box telling me to do Base Setup. I say OK and
choose Base Setup. The first option is 'Create a fake Windows drive'.
Not sure if I should choose this (don't I have one already?) but I do.
I choose to remove existing Wine configuration. It does some work and
comes back to me. Good so far. I now have lots of stuff under

Ariel Font installed...
DCOM98 installed...

At this point I want to install IE6SP1. Is your download in German or English?

This look very good so far. I'll wait for a reply about where to
download English if I need to.

- Mark

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