Starcraft is fast without using DGA?

cedric at
Sat Feb 7 02:24:16 CST 2004

Hi all, i have run starcraft from the debugger, and it's fast. (Well, about as 
fast as win98 on a P-60) I have run it from wine, and it's slow (about a 
468-33) The real machine i runt it from is a celeron 416, 160 MB ram, geforce 
2 mx400 PCI

I *finaly* discovered i could get a trace from it by using winedbg -debugmsg 
i.e. ONE dash.

I run a diff on both files, and i was surprized to see so many differences. 
The sections about DGA remained the same:

warn:x11drv:X11DRV_XF86DGA2_Init disabling XF86DGA2 (insufficient 

How come starcraft runs fast without the use of DGA? Has anybody else had seen 
this effect before? How do i enable DGA as user? How do i make sure my input 
isn't stopping while running DGA as root? Did i choose the right debug 

Regards, cedric

wine -debugmsg +x11drv wine-c-drive/Program\ Files/Starcraft/StarCraft.exe 
2>&1 |tee sclog34
<sclog34 attached>

winedbg -debugmsg +x11drv wine-c-drive/Program\ Files/Starcraft/StarCraft.exe 
2>&1 |tee sclog33
<sclog35 attached>

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