Icewind Dale

Fabrice DELENTE fabrice.delente at
Sat Feb 7 07:27:43 CST 2004

Hello all.

I have noticed two annoying things with Icewind Dale.

* first, in icewind.ini, the variables


needn't be 1, they can be 0.


3D Acceleration

cannot be let equal to 1; in fact 3D acceleration works perfectly during the
game, but triggers an unhandled exception when the game auto-saves or when I
quick save. The strangest thing is that in-game saving works perfectly even
when 3D acceleration is set to 1, but auto-savings don't work except if 3D
Acceleration=0 (!).

When the game saves, it creates icons for the characters in the party; this
seems to be the point where the unhandled exception occurs;

* second thing, when I kill wyrms (sorts of dragons), I get a dialog box
stating that 'an assertion failed in ChVideo.cpp at ligne 7851' (this dialog
box is generated by Icewind Dale, not by wine). I have tried every settings
possible to solve the problem, but nothing seems to do it. Any hint?

See you.

E-mail : fabrice.delente at

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