Does wine supports database applications

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Fri Feb 20 07:56:03 CST 2004

* saravanan <saravananv at> [2003-11-20 17:13:57 +0530]:


>    I would like to know is it possible to run a Windows database
>    application  in linux using wine. For eg. How can I run a VB
>    application which uses MS Access as backend in linux. 
Well, if your Database server is running in wine, it should be possible.
Also there're ODBC drivers for opensource rdbms like PostgreSQL.
I'd really recommend using postgresql under gnu/linux and connecting
you wine'd application to it via odbc, instead of using silly 
wannabe-databases like access or m$-sql-server.

BTW: is there any interest in adapting the win-odbc to unixODBC 
within wine ?

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