Does wine supports database applications

saravanan saravananv at
Sat Feb 21 07:30:50 CST 2004

Hai Fabian ,
          Can you kindly describe me how you achieved this. In which way did
you connect to the database. Did you use the ADO method or ODBC DSN method
to connect to the database. Please kindly guide me.


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> >Hai all,
> > I would like to know is it possible to run a Windows database
application  in linux using wine. For eg. How can I run a VB application
which uses MS Access as backend in linux. Does wine supports MDB files. I
could only run stand alone windows applications in linux using wine. Does
wine supports database applications.
> In case you're still interested in a reply (mail date is november 2003).
> Yes, it works. We have a MFC application which uses a Access mdb and
> works ok, reading and writing.
> bye  Fabi

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