installation question

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Thu Feb 26 01:47:44 CST 2004

>I have downloaded Wine-20040213.tar.gz and extract the downloaded file by 
>using the command "tar zxvf Wine-20040213.tar.gz". According to the 
>instruction on the page, I entered the 
>new directory and typed "./tools/wineinstall". 
>After some time, I met the question "Performing 'make install' as root to 
>install binaries, enter root password: ". What is that? I think the Howto 
>page doesn't mention we need to provide any password.

That's the password of the root account on your computer. Usually you're
not logged in as root but as a normal user (at least you should be). But
the install needs root rights to access areas that are usually not accessible
for normal users. So just enter here the password you need when you
login to your computer as root. If you don't know the password ask the one
that setup your computer. If that's you and you forgot the password...
bad luck :)

bye  Fabi

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