CrossOver is a fine product.

Jerry Rains JMRAINS at
Thu Feb 26 23:29:13 CST 2004

I AM IMPRESSED!!!!  I have been trying to find something to replace my
Quicken because I was fed up with Windows.  I failed, so I started looking
for a way to run Quicken on Linux.  I installed SuSE8.2 and got the latest
wine download 20040213 from

This allowed me to load and run my old Quicken 2000Basic but not my new
Quicken 2004Deluxe.  Also, I couldn't do anything that required the browser.
I found CrossOver when I searched for "Internet Explorer" +wine on Google.
Actually, I found a script for installing IE6.0.  It might have worked if I
had uninstalled the binary install of wine I did a couple of days ago like
the page warned, but I didn't and it locked up at 78%, so I figured I'd try
out the CrossOver demo.

The install went smooth as silk.  No problems what-so-ever.  I didn't have
to uninstall my old wine or anything.  After installing CrossOver Office, I
first tried my Quicken 2004Deluxe.  It recognized that I had some problem
with the filesystem (I think) and volunteered to fix it.  I let it and the
install proceeded, then it recognized that I needed arial TrueType font and
got that.

The rest of the Quicken install went without a hitch.  The Quicken install
got IE and Quicken ran the first time I started it.  So I restored the
backup of my Windows version of Quicken and all my data is there and looks

There is one fly in the ointment.  2004 still hangs when it trys to load the
browser.  I can launch IE from the desktop and everything works fine.  It
even tried to do a windows update!  However, because I can't launch the
browser from within Quicken I can't register Quicken so I can't do my data

I have a support request in to, the people who wrote
CrossOver. Hopefully, the browser issue will be easily solved.  However, I
was so impressed with this product that I wanted to let the list know.

Jerry Rains
jmrains at

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