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Thu Jan 8 16:33:24 CST 2004

Xavier Mas i Ramón wrote:

>Hi friends !
>My name is Xavier and I'm new on that list. 
>I just installed wine20030709 using winetools and everything went fine
>(I get a correctness percentage from wine of 96%). When I started
>executig some simple files as the Wordpad or calculator of my windows
>partition all goes well, but if I try to execute other applications as
>Norton Utilities I get the error from wine that can't  execute the .vxd
>I'd appreciated very much if somebody can help to solve this problem as
>I can not execute any windows file, actually. By the way, what's a .vxd
>file ?
>Tks a lot for yr help !


Point #1-- you might want to try a newer version of Wine, as the one you
have is some 6 months old.

Point#2-- what good will it do to run Norton Utilites under Linux, as
there are no Norton functions that I can think of that would actually be
useful or work under Linux filesystems? I don't think that NU would even
recognize them.

It's your system, of course and if you want to do that, it's your
choice-- I'm just saying that the reason that Norton Utilities doesn't
run might very well have nothing at all to do with Wine, but instead
with the fact that NU is designed to monitor and repair Windows systems
and protocols that don't exist under Linux.

And as another post said, vxds are Windows virtual device drivers.

Holly Bostick

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