"jerky" network game play

James Earl james at icionline.ca
Tue Jan 13 13:54:47 CST 2004


I'm running FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT and Wine 20031212, playing the Windows
demo of TreadMarks - a 3D OpenGL tank racing/combat game

The single player mode plays amazingly fast (almost too fast!).  When I
join a network game against my brother who runs Windows, the game
becomes jerky so that the game isn't playable... but just on my end.

When my brother connects to me, then the game becomes jerky for him, and
not me.  Hopefully you know what I mean by "jerky"!  :)

I've tested this against Windows 2000/XP and FreeBSD
4.9-RELEASE/5.1-RELEASE/5.2, with Wine 20031212, and two previous
releases of Wine.  All combinations gave the same results.

Has anyone else had a similar problem before... or perhaps played this
game under Wine?


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