Configuration of USB devices/scanners

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at
Thu Jan 22 10:53:13 CST 2004

Hi all,

I know this question came up plenty of times before in one form or another. I understand
that wine is not dealing with or loading drivers and that the USB device, say a scanner,
must be supported under linux. Let's assume a USB scanner that is supported by Linux, so
there is a driver for it. My question now is: how do I configure wine to make the scanner
available under windows. E.g. parallel ports are mapped to Lpt1,..., serial ports to
Com1,..., etc. But what entries do I need in my config file to tell wine where my scanner
(or other USB device) is to be able to access it? Are there any further configuration
steps on the window side? Is there a suitable wine config tool around?

I also found the following in the devel archive (Dec 2003):

Eric Pouech wrote (in reply to the topic "Adding support for a USB device"): 

>> I'm also not sure as to how much such an extension would be wishful
>> in the context of Wine itself or if it would unnecessarily complicate
>> the existing Wine architecture. Maybe someone with more insigth into
>> NTDLL and its supposed architecture could explain more here?

>I'm currently working on this by moving all device & file handling into 
>ntdll. You'll be able (in the future...) to
>1/ define your own new devices
>2/ define the link of those devices to real unix devices
>3/ handle the NtDeviceIoControlFile messages to the device type you're 

Does that mean there is no USB support in wine so far, or should it already be
implemented (partially) in current CVS versions?

Thanks for any reply,


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