confused over wine doc??

Dan Sawyer dansawyer at
Wed Jun 2 17:18:54 CDT 2004


That would be my hope, however my observation is that wine may somehow 
change things such that Win things the registry in corrupted. If I 
create a new .wine dir and start fresh and then 'boot' the win parition, 
win things the registry has been corrupted. I hope this is just 

This occured twice. I somwhow fowled up the dll overrides and apps did 
not run correctly. In order to check out the apps I booted the win 
partition. Each time it complained about a corrupted registry.

I will try it all again to test it. (I suppose I could change the 
permissions to make the dir ro)


Duane Clark wrote:

> Ivan wrote:
>>> Will it support either a local registry or a Win partition registry. 
>>> Specifically will it support an alternative local registry when Wine 
>>> is using a Win partition?? (this is necessary to prevent corruption 
>>> to the 'real' Win partition.)
>> Never thought about that, maybe someone that know more about it than 
>> me will
>> answer. If not, you may want to ask the devel list.
>> Ivan.
> Wine should never touch the real registry. My understanding is that it 
> loads the real registry, and then overloads the Wine registry. All 
> changes go in the Wine registry.
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