Version of Wine Installed in Linux

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Tue Jun 8 11:24:26 CDT 2004

S Buvaneswari wrote:
> Hi 
>   Can you please tell me how to check what version of wine is installed on Linux machine.
>   curently I am using "rpm -q wine" in the console to check the wine version.     
>   Is the version information is stored anywhere else (ie. in any file or so) ?
>   My requirement is to write a java program to retrieve the version of wine installed on Linux machine. Can any one help on this ?
> Thanks & Regards
> Bhuvaneswari S

The best that I know of is:

wine --version

this will give you an idea, but it's not guaranteed accurate, or so I 
was told last week. If your RPM was built from CVS then it's totally up 
to whoever checked the code out of CVS. If they checked out a specific 
revision then --version will be correct, but if they just checked out 
the most recent then it will be then version name most recent, but with 
newer code included.

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