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On June 8, 2004 02:31 am, S Buvaneswari wrote:
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> Hi <BR>
> &nbsp; Can you please tell me how to check what version of wine is
> installed on Linux machine.<BR> &nbsp; curently I am using &quot;rpm -q
> wine&quot; in the console to check the wine version.&nbsp; &nbsp;  <BR>
> &nbsp; Is the version information is stored anywhere else (ie. in any file
> or so) ?<BR> &nbsp; My requirement is to write a java program to retrieve
> the version of wine installed on Linux machine. Can any one help on this
> ?<BR> <BR>
> Thanks &amp; Regards<BR>
> Bhuvaneswari S<BR>

No, the version is almost certainly not stored in a file anywhere.  (That 
would be a risky thing to do since it could very easily get out of sync with 
the actual executables).

If the wine is installed under rpm then I would say that using rpm -q is the 
best way to get the version.  (I have known of one occasion in the past on 
which it was more correct than the wine --version answer).  Using rpm will 
give much more accurate information including whose build of wine it is as 
well as the version.

Otherwise, as Mark said, use wine --version.

I am really not knowledgeable about java but I would have thought that if you 
are able to access the local filesystem to read a file then you should be 
able to execute a command in the local system and read its output.

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