Program Arguments Broken?

John Peak jpeak at
Fri Jun 11 07:29:34 CDT 2004

>> If I take wine out of the picture and call Java using the following
>> command it works properly:
>> java -cp $LOCALCLASSPATH com.jet.jdbc.server.JETProxyServer -config
> Things would be nicely explained if LOCALCLASSPATH is not set, or if it
> contains bad stuff like spaces. Did you check that? For instance try the
> command line with "wine" replaced by "echo".

I have verified the environment vars and even replaced them with actual
values to no avail.  Note that "Unrecognized option: -config" is
definately coming from java.exe.  Also note that if LOCALCLASSPATH were
not set then I would get a "NoClassDefFoundError" error.

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