Playing sound files under Wine?

Ewan Grantham ewan.grantham at
Sun Jun 13 09:18:42 CDT 2004

Well, tried commenting out and uncommenting out several different
options (arts, oss, etc), and none of them seemed to help. I then
tried rebuilding MPlayer, and then Wine thinking that perhaps Wine
would then notice the Win32 codecs. Which it may have done since the
generated config file now had a [dsound] section. But still couldn't
seem to find any combination that would avoid the error.

Anyone who has one of the commercial Wine products who knows if this
(rhapsody) works under their product, I'd appreciate knowing about
that as well. I "assume" the Transgaming WineX might with it's
increased DirectX support, but I'd hate to pay $20 and then still have
this error.

Any suggestions and pointers would be appreciated. Pointers to ways to
access similar services to Rhapsody or Napster that run under Linux
natively would also be appreciated - but I haven't been able to find a
Linux-based or compatible subscription service, and I don't really
want to purchase 10,000 tracks one by one.

Thanks again,

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