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Nerry Sharian nerry.sharian at
Mon Mar 8 01:18:34 CST 2004


I am new to wine ...but not to UNIX. I am trying to configure an environment that will utilize both win and linux. One issue is to be able to use Outlook Express on RH9 box. Or to be precise to use a mail client without corrupting the Outlook Express Inbox directory.(contains dbx files).  - I want to use the same Inbox from Linux and Win OS.

When trying to install Outlook Express with the command --debugmsg +loaddll  I get a list of dll's of Win OS ...with the instruction to copy them into the system directory of wine - windows. (something like ~/.wine/c/windows/system)

my question:
where from can I get these dll files? If it is from Windows OS installation CD, then, what is the point ? - the idea is not to use MS OS files.


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