wine & outlook express

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Mar 8 12:41:22 CST 2004

> When trying to install Outlook Express with the command --debugmsg +loaddll  I
get a list of dll's of Win OS
No you don't. What you see are the internal OE dlls, and the system dlls. But
these dlls are supplied by wine, they are usually in /usr/lib/wine and are
called like the m$ ones, but the extension is instead of .dll
If a wine dll is buggy and is preventing you from running a win app, you can
optionally use, in some cases, the m$ version of the dll. Note that quite a few
dlls can't be native (By M$), but have to be builtin (By wine).
If OE can't find some dlls, you can install OE in wine, and start it from the
wine fake win directory (Would be something like  ~/.wine/fake_c/Program
Files/Outlook Express/), but this probably isn't what you want to do, as you
what to share the inbox. So what you should do is copy the dlls from
c:\windows\system from your windows installation to ~/.wine/fake_c/windows/system/
You simply can't not use M$ OS files, because OE IS a M$ OS file, it's a
component of the OS.


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