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Mon Mar 8 12:53:44 CST 2004

Actually my Red Hat installation is 7.3. I would like to upgrade Wine without upgrade to GLIB_2.3.  I tried the wine_*20031212*.rpm but it requires upgrades of GLIB_2.3.  Is there any other way to modify the registry

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	Dwight, a piece of advice :
	>My WINE installation was part of a standard Red Hat 7.2 installation CD, which require no  ---
	- RedHat 7.2 is old - and software found on installation CD are usually older than the CD itself.
	This is confirmed by the name of the files you give in your mail.
	Consider a WINE update - official binary downloads are at :
	- Avoid to run WINE (and any other software) as root.
	> My Red Hat installation created the following reg files below........
	> /etc/wine.systemreg
	> /etc/wine.reg
	> /etc/wine.userreg
	> /root/.wine/config
	> /root/.wine/wineserver-localhost
	> /root/.wine/user-reg
	> /root/.wine/sys-reg
	> /root/.wine/userdef-reg
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