Getting DirectDraw to work

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Sat Mar 13 14:36:22 CST 2004

> I read somewhere that the nVidia driver doesn't do DRI because it has some
> other way to do graphics.  Is there any otsome way to force Wine to do
> software-only DirectX display?
You read something wrong, the nvidia drivers are closed source, but they use
direct hardware rendering (What else could they do?), what they don't use if the driver, that is open source. But unless you're a GNU fanatic you
don't care.
Get the nvidia driver from
Stop your X server, run the installer as root, then edit your
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 config file, change this line
        Driver      "nv"
        Driver      "nvidia"
save changes and restart X, now you have full openGL 1.4 support, and you can
run both linux native apps and windows apps with wine using direct rendering.


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