Igor Selivanov iselivanov at
Mon Mar 15 12:39:10 CST 2004


   I have a question for you guys.  I am currently running the latest version 
of Wine.  I use it to run a windows client and connect to a server.  One pane 
of the interface contains the chat window, where text, links, etc, are 
constantly scrolling.  From a windows box, I can see all this, but when I run 
the client through Wine, I cannot! But the text is clearly there, because I 
can actually click on the *invisible* links, and they take me to proper 
places.  The actual graphics work perfectly, but the text is missing...I can 
actually type to the chat, and people see me talking, but i can see nothing 
in return.  Any ideas of what the problem might be?  The Fonts seem to be 
functioning correctly. 

Igor Selivanov

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