Windows version of Wine

David Jones gnome at
Fri Mar 19 23:38:12 CST 2004

Umm, WINE is a native Linux implementation of the 
Win32 API. To run WINE on your NT system, you would 
need to have somehow compiled WINE as a native 
Windows application.

gnome at

On 19 Mar 04, at 20:36, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:

> Is it possible already to use the Wine version of Wine? I
> tried replacing some DLLs, but I got errors that
> libwine.dll was required and I can't find this file
> anywhere. I have only tried on Windows 98 currently, but
> I'm especially interested in the Direct3D->OpenGL wrapper
> and other DirectX stuff as these might allow Windows NT
> 4.0 to run more games. There are also some DLLs that seem
> usefull on systems without IE installed (Windows 98 with
> 98lite for example). Thanks in advance, Julius

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