on bsd...

eternal at antelecom.net eternal at antelecom.net
Fri May 7 17:02:46 CDT 2004

does anyone on the list have any input or advice on making
wine run on freebsd, or even bsd in general.  i've been
batteling for the past 6 weeks, off and on, trying to get
any of the last 5 releases (including from cvs a week ago)
to either build from source, or run ANYTHING without error
after installing via /usr/ports/emulators/wine.  tons of
fixme's and not implemented's.  ie6setup.exe falls into a
timeout loop at 45% in the actual install, same for
dx8_eng.exe, but at 55%.the only thing i had any success
with was getting starcraft to install and play, but the 1.09
patch hangs the x server during it's install, but if i ssh
on from another box, i can kill that pid from top. 
afterwards, starcraft registers 1.05...  the game doesnt
recognize keyboard input, and unless i set the desktop
resolution to 640x480, the game happily scrolls around the
whole desktop, not just the game.  starcraft was a last
resort for testing my available windoze apps.  it won't do
anything with anything else.  please lend a hand...


ps  i have redirected the output of my make attempts to
logfiles, if anyone wants specific info, i got it for you

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