Error in running window application

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Sat May 22 04:20:45 CDT 2004

bhattadatabase wrote:
> I upgraded wine with  wine-20040505-1fc1winehq.i686.rpm.
> But after installation , when i tried to run wine it tells "segmentation fault".
> when i tried to get wine status , it tells
> "Wine binary format handlers are registered."
> Now i am not able to run wine
> What i have to do now.
> Thanks 
> Manoj

I'd get the newest source - the current wine version, 20040505 is really 
good and can be downloaded at
Remove that .rpm stuff, and do,
   tar xvzf Wine-20040505.tar.gz
   cd wine-20040505
and answer the questions it asks; Say yes at the question wether you 
want to install or not

If you want to clean up later on, just do,
   make uninstall
That'd remove wine from your system again

Compiling takes some time but wine'll be configured optimal for your 
system (and as wine is alpha software that's really required for it to 
function properly, I think)



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