Direct X - Wine 20040213

Ivan puoti at
Fri May 28 14:15:59 CDT 2004

> i have tried installing dx7, dx8, and, dx9
You have a wrong idea of wine directx support. You can't install the Microsoft
version of directx on wine. Wine has it's own directx, that currently are
incomplete, but already run many games. There is partial support up to directx
8, you can try a demo, for example mafia, that uses directx8, it runs very well
on wine. There isn't any real directx 9 support for now. If you install the
Microsoft directx the files will just sit on your hard drive, but won't be used
by wine. If you set wine to use the native version of those files, the games
that do work with the wine directx will just stop working.
BTW you can install any directx sdk by unzipping the exe file, for example for
directx 8a just run
unzip DX8a_SDK.exe
and you'll get a directory containing the SDK.


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