Direct X - Wine 20040213

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun May 30 11:51:18 CDT 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Thanks Ivan. This is consistant with what I learned by reading on the 
> web. I have an app (Acid Pro) that said it needed DX8 so I tried 
> installing it under 20040213. It installed fine but just dies after it 
> starts.
> I'm not a developer so I wouldn't know much about figuring out why. I 
> guess I'll just have to wait until I hear about the next big jump 
> forward in Direct X support.

In Wine/DirectX "years", 20040213 is almost an antique. The DirectX code 
has really been changing that fast recently. There have already been 
some "big jumps" in Direct X support.

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