fresh cvs install: could not exec wineserver

Jeff Nault nault at
Sun May 30 13:24:33 CDT 2004

Hi All,

I just downloaded the latest CVS version of wine, and installed it with
the wineinstall script. I am running Mandrake 10.0 official, using the
"linux-i686-up-4GB" version (if that makes any difference). There are no
errors during the installation, but when I try to use wine, I get this

wine: could not exec wineserver

This is what i have checked so far:
 1.	/etc/ file does contain /usr/local/lib
 2.	`which wineserver` returns: /usr/local/bin/wineserver
 3.	/usr/local/bin is in my path
 4.     If I type in wineserver on the command line and then
        execute wine notepad as the next command, it does work;
        but only once, i.e. next time I run wine, the could not exec 
        error reoccurs. 
 5.     I tried uninstalling (make uninstall), then reinstalling (
	/tools/wineinstall ), made no difference.

Thanks for any help,

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