[Wine]Quicken fonts

Marc Williams marcw at onlymooo.com
Wed Nov 3 11:57:42 CST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 10:18:44 -0600, Marc Williams <marcw at onlymooo.com> wrote:
>>Mark Knecht wrote:
>>>WINEDEBUG=warn+font wine quicken
>>>WINEDEBUG=err+font wine quicken
> Well, I think you're right, although that would only get one line
> responses. If wine outputs a two line response then you'd miss the
> second line.
You're right, of course.  So just to check, I ran the above two 
WINEDEBUGs.  Unfortunately, the results were identical to the grep 
output.  So we didn't learn anything new there.

>>Actually, I believe that appropriately grepping my saved 53MB file would
>>accomplish the same thing, yes?  If so, here is the output, which
>>conveniently combines "warn" and "err" (again, sorry about any poor
>>[marcw at fred marcw]$ grep -i err q20*
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts/fonts.scale" err = 2
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts/fonts.cache-1" err = 2
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts/fonts.dir" err = 2
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts-style/fonts.scale" err = 2
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts-style/fonts.cache-1" err = 2
>>warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
>>"/usr/share/fonts/msfonts-style/fonts.dir" err = 2
> Humm....I would have thought the first 6 might be clues. (What do I
> know?!?!) It appears to me that Wine is looking for msfonts-style
> stuff and cannot find it. I'd guess that Wine substitues something and
> that maybe that substitution is what's causing the problem? This is
> where deleting your 53MB file and running again might produce very
> little info, but very targeted info. If this problem happens on one
> page, then possibly it happens on other, smaller pages. you could move
> from page to page and catch it happening and see the messages in the
> terminal.

The reason that I said that they were likely unimportant is that I 
believe that they are merely idicies for the real fonts that are 
contained in those directories.  Elsewhere in that large debug file, it 
appears as though the real fonts in that same dir are being loaded just 

> BTW - Have you read the Wine Users manual about setting up font
> servers, etc.? This could be part of the problem. I run Quicken under
> Crossover Office and I think they did much of this for me. I'm having
> some font problems with other programs under Wine and was trying to
> understand if this font server stuff was a requirement, a suggestion,
> or just info...

Yes.  And I currently am already doing just that.  Fedora Core2 already 
has a font server so I had added a bunch of MS fonts long ago for an 
entirely different purpose, unrelated to wine.

> Blind leading the blind...

I know what you mean.  Thanks anyway.

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