[Wine]help with wine and TOPO!

Tom Trebisky tom at mmto.org
Thu Nov 4 13:22:38 CST 2004

Hello all,

The subject line is a little ambitious, although that is my ultimate goal,
to be able to run the National Geographic TOPO! program to look at maps
of Arizona and California on my laptop using only Linux.  I don't even
own a copy of Windows, nor do I desire to, so hopefully Wine will be my

So far it isn't though.  I haven't even got as far as trying to run TOPO!
I set up an intermediate goal of running textpad, and that fails miserably.
I have details on my web page:


I am hoping this page will grow into my own cheat sheet about how to
set up and run wine (for myself an others).

In a nutshell I get texpad from the FTP site and then do:

	wine c:\stuff\txpeng473.exe

And I see some kind of installer flash for a second, then get a slew
of error messages like:

fixme:msi:MsiGetProductInfoA "{B510A987-487E-4C66-9F4F-D386AC275715}" "PackageCode" 0x19fcdaa8 0x19fcdb18
fixme:msi:MsiGetProductInfoW L"{B510A987-487E-4C66-9F4F-D386AC275715}" L"PackageCode" 0x76d44ce0 0x19fcdb18
err:dc:DCE_FreeWindowDCE [0x10026] GetDC() without ReleaseDC()!
fixme:msi:MsiInstallProductW L"C:\\windows\\temp\\_is2b7\\TextPad 4.7.msi" L"SETUPEXEDIR=C:\\stuff"
fixme:msi:MsiEnumRelatedProductsA STUB: ({72456943-9A39-456C-9F18-E15D80053540}, 0 0 )
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"AppSearch"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"FindRelatedProducts"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"ValidateProductID"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"IsolateComponents"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"SetODBCFolders"
fixme:msi:ACTION_PerformAction UNHANDLED MSI ACTION L"MigrateFeatureStates"

Full details on the web site link -- my gratitude in advance to anyone who can help me
along with this.  I am running fedora core 1, and wine 20041019 from the rpm.
It runs winemine just fine.  My thinking is that getting textpad to run would be
simpler than TOPO! so I set that as an intermediate goal, but maybe I should just
cut to the chase.

Tom Trebisky
MMT Observatory
University of Arizona -- Tucson
tom at mmto.org

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