[Wine] running OrCAD with wine

Giorgio giorgio.tombola at istruzione.it
Fri Nov 5 17:08:26 CST 2004

As I wrote I just look to Eagle, that's very interesting because it work also 
in windows. But to try drawing a new simbol, drawing a complex schematic, 
making a PCB, may be with ground plane, take time.

I look at geda but I had some problems with installation. I'm not so skilled 
in Linux and I prefere "automatic" installation, with rpm. In geda home page 
I don't find a simple way to install it.

Unfortunately I don't know how to debug. If it's not too much complicated try 
to explain me and I'll do it and post the output.

I'll read the article.


Alle 18:16, venerdì 5 novembre 2004, Joaquín Fernández ha scritto:
>  >Hi
>  >
>  >I'm evaluating Eagle, but at first look it seems very "simple".  I
>  > continue to learn and evaluate it but it take quite a lot of time.
>  >
>  >Instead I would start as soon as possible with Linux and one solution
>  > would be OrCAD (that I know well) running with WinE.
> I have used Eagle several times and it is very good program (in windows,
> the GUI of program is more nice than Linux :s). I have been able to make
> many small designs with it. In Linux there are some apps for electronics,
> gEDA is a good tools and PCB too. You can read the follow article
> http://www-mtl.mit.edu/~mcmahill/PCB/gEDA-PCB.html.
> But if you want OrCAD, please debug the program and post the output from
> debugger, may be we can help you.
> Regards
> Joaquín
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