[Wine]Multiple computers using same Wine installation?

Christian Convey cconvey at cox.net
Tue Nov 9 10:05:43 CST 2004

Hey guys,

I have two Linux computers. I'd like to make it so that regardless of which Linux computer I'm sitting at, I can fire up Quicken (via Wine). Specifically, I want to access the same set of Quicken data files regardless of which Linux computer I'm sitting at. (I can be self-disciplined to only have Wine running on one computer at a time.)

Does Wine support this? If so, would the way to do this just be...
1) Create an SMB share to contain the Wine fake disks.

2) Copy the same ~/.wine directory tree to every home directory on every computer I want.

3) Ensure that the drives defined in ~/.wine/dosdevices' all point to the SMB share. I.e.:
   Suppose host 'mtdew' is hosting the fake wine c: drive.
   The fake drive is exported via the SMB share name 
   //mtdew/wine_c. That directory appears in mtdew's local
   filesystem at the path /var/fileshares/wine_c/

   Further suppose that my other host, 'jolt', imports that
   SMB share to have a local path of '/net/mtdew/wine_c'

   Then on the host 'mtdew', I can/should can have the 
   symlink ~/.wine/dosdevices/c: -> /var/fileshares/wine_c/

   And on the host 'jolt', I can/should have the symlink
   ~/.wine/dosdevices/c: -> /net/mtdew/wine_c

Does this sound like the best way to accomplish my goal? Any suggestions for other approaches?


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