[Wine]Direct X setup question

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 13:43:55 CST 2004

   I have 4 machines here. Two are Gentoo, one of which is my laptop
which has had lots of wine stuff installed. I have a second new Gentoo
box, as well as two Fedora 2 boxes. These last 3 boxes have never had
Wine on them. all 4 boxes are currently using Wine-20041019 compiled
from the same tarball so they should be very identical.

   The problem is that my laptop, which has had almost every Wine
version since December 2003 on it, will install and run a specific
program (Acid Pro 2.0) while the other 3 machine will not. All of the
other 3 machines die during the install with the message:

Error Message

This product requires a newer version of Microsoft's DirectX Media
than you have on your computer. You may download the DirectX Media 6.0
installer from our website www.sonicfoundry.com.

   I have tried copying the config file I'm using from the good laptop
to the other machines but that didn't fix the problem. Presumably this
means that the Direct X software Acid is looking for came from some
other Windows program that I installed on my laptop?

   Any ideas on how I can get past this and discover how the good
Direct X got on here?

   However, it was my understanding the Wine emulated Direct X these
days and none of this was necessary. Is that supposed to be the case?

Thanks in advance,

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