[Wine]wineprefixcreate hang

Olive Esseret olive_esseret at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 04:25:14 CST 2004


After having investigated more my problem (wineinstall hang at the 
end). I have realized that it is the application wineprefixcreate -u 
which hang. I have the same problem when I install the binary rpms: the 
first time you lauch wine it call wineprefixcreate to create the windows 
dir. Howhever in this last case if I kill wine, it leave a temporary 
directory .wine-<somenumber>; after having renaming this directory to 
.wine it seems to works more or less but they are more bugs than before.
These problems apperears on mandrake 10.1 and did not appears on 
Mandrake 10.0


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