[Wine]Does a user need to join wine-devel?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 12:42:49 CST 2004

   I have run across a number of bugs with programs under Wine. I am a
user and not a develope so to do my part I've been trying to be a
faithful reporter and enter bugs I find in WineHQ's Bugzzilla and then
wait for some sort of interaction from Wine developers. This works for
Gentoo bugs, Ardour bugs, Alsa bugs, Xine bugs, etc., where I seem to
get a response from a developer (in most cases) within about a day. So
far I've had no interaction from Wine developers for anything I've
entered. I do get a faithful response from Tony (I think) when I add a
new application to the database and I am appreciative of that.
(Actually I'm quite appreciative of Wine too, but it's just not as
useful to me as I wished it would be.)

   Is this Bugzilla method the right way to move forward on getting
things I would like to have fixed addressed? Or is there an
expectation that I also have to join another list, like wine-devel, to
get some attention for these issues?

   I found yet another example of an app that works in old wine
versions and is broken in new wine versions yesterday. I'd be quite
willing to trace down where it failed if that would lead to some
attention to fix it from someone with the talents, but with no
attention it starts to seem a bit pointless to document this stuff.


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