[Wine]Buggy libXrender.so?

Martin Widmark martin.widmark at takeit.se
Wed Nov 17 06:02:34 CST 2004

Hi list!

I'm running wine-20040914 on a FC2-system.
When I'm running "wine notepad" I get this error:

> Wine has detected that you probably have a buggy version
> of libXrender.so .  Because of this client side font rendering
> will be disabled.  Please upgrade this library.

I get a window, but it is all black.

The libXrender.so file is from the xorg-x11-devel-6.8.1-12 rpm,
and AFAIK there is nothing wrong with it.
The root filesystem is mostly read only and my /home is rw nfs
exported from my file sever. I've been wondering if maybe wine
wants to open files rw in say /usr/lib, and it fails when it
isn't allowed to do so due to the ro filesystem.

Any ideas?

Martin Widmark

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