[Wine]Error with wine-20041019

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Nov 21 14:25:16 CST 2004

John McKee wrote:
> Attached is the log segment, after running gzip.

Well, something strange is going on, but so far I cannot figure out 
what. Your log shows:

trace:module:load_dll looking for L"MFC42.DLL" in 
trace:module:MODULE_GetLoadOrderW looking for L"MFC42.DLL"
trace:module:open_app_key searching L"MFC42" in 
trace:module:MODULE_GetLoadOrderW got standard entry "n,b" for L"MFC42.DLL"
trace:module:load_dll Trying native dll L"MFC42.DLL"
trace:module:load_dll Trying built-in L"MFC42.DLL"
warn:module:load_builtin_dll cannot open .so lib for builtin 
L"MFC42.DLL": /usr/local/lib/wine/mfc42.dll.so: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory
warn:module:load_dll Failed to load module L"MFC42.DLL"; status=c0000135
err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by 
L"C:\\CServe\\CS3\\CS3COR.DLL") not found

Notice that yours says "Trying native dll" and then immediately "Trying 
built-in". It never found a native version.
But for me (with another DLL), I get something that looks like:

trace:module:load_dll looking for L"ole32.dll" in L"C:\\Program 
trace:module:MODULE_GetLoadOrderW looking for 
trace:module:open_app_key searching L"ole32" in 
trace:module:MODULE_GetLoadOrderW got standard entry "n,b" for L"ole32.dll"
trace:module:load_dll Trying native dll L"C:\\windows\\system\\ole32.dll"
trace:module:load_native_dll loading L"C:\\windows\\system\\ole32.dll"

So I find the native DLL. Something strange is going on with your 
system; I suspect something got configured wierd, but I don't know what. 
Anyway, I guess the next thing to try is:

strace wine CS3 >& wineb.log

Now search through that for mfc42. You should see lines something like:

Files/WinZip/ole32.dll", 0x4070e198) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

That should go on through the various elements of the Wine path, until 
it finds a match:

{st_mode=S_IFREG|0775, st_size=778512, ...}) = 0

The "= 0" at the end means it found a match.

> I tried using WINEDLLOVERRIDES="mfc42=n,b" wine CS3 and
> WINEDLLOVERRIDES="mfc42=b,n" wine CS3
> Errors looked the same.
> Also, the section from ~/.wine/config related to this DLL is:
> "mfc42"         = "native, builtin"
> When I run either sol or notepad, I do not get DLL errors.  But, I do receive the
> following, and I am not clear on what file I need to add screen resolution, which
> does appear to be  '96'.
> Please use the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts\LogPixels
> to set the screen resolution and remove the "Resolution" entry in the config file
> err:wave:OSS_WaveOutInit /dev/mixer1: No such device
> err:wave:OSS_WaveInInit /dev/mixer1: No such device
> John McKee

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