[Wine]problems with my first wine-steps

Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Tue Nov 23 14:40:50 CST 2004

Hi Jochen,

Am Tuesday, 23. November 2004 16:23 schrieb Jochen Georges:
> Hello,
> I installed wine-20041019 with the wineinstall-script on debian (woody).
> (There is a windows98SE on /mnt/win. /mnt/win is mounted)
> Now I try to run freecell.exe, but it doesn't work.
> jochen at archie:~$ wine 'c:\windows\freecell.exe'
> Please use the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts\LogPixels
> to set the screen resolution and remove the "Resolution" entry in the
> config file
> err:wave:OSS_WaveOutInit /dev/mixer1: No such device
> Could not load 'CARDS.DLL' required by 'FREECELL', error=21
> jochen at archie:~$ find /mnt/win/ -name cards.dll -print
> /mnt/win/windows/system/cards.dll
> I tried to run /wine-source/programs/regedit/regedit
> to take a look at  HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts\LogPixels,
> but the directory HLEY_CURRENT_CONFIG seems to be empty.
> Can you give me a hint?

wine looks for  dlls in the programm dir an in the windows system dir. looking 
at the ouput i guess you set up drive c to point to /mnt/win but did you also 
change your windows/windows system dir in wine? if not this is probably 
causing the error.


> Thanks in advance.
> Jochen
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