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David Jones gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Oct 9 01:52:59 CDT 2004

Hmm, as someone who made a living as a technical writer who mainly wrote 
user documentation ... I too find the standard Linux documentation (what 
is commonly available online and/or comes with Linux) I've read not very 
accessible for newbies. It makes many assumptions about the readers' 
background knowledge.

The best Linux book I've ever read (from a non-technical person's 
viewpoint) is The CorelLinux Official Guide. While other Linux distros 
have eclipsed CorelLinux in many ways, their user documentation hasn't.

Note: I haven't looked at the Orreilly book mentioned below, because 
books are out of date before they even arrive on the shelf!

gnome at hawaii.rr.com

joaobr wrote:
> On Friday 08 October 2004 10:39, Alexander.Farber at nokia.com wrote:
>>First, you need to learn to respect other people's time
>>and describe your problems properly (not just whining
>>"wine does not work" and waiting, that someone will pull
>>the details out of your nose)
> you know Alexander? You are wrong. I think nobody is not respecting
> anyone's time, if you hadn't time you would not even answer.
> And in fact the man is absolutely right. There is no place for
> beginner to get a clue and still worse when they ask (or dare to say
> something to the mighty guru) they get shitty offending answers like
> yours.
> Most people do not spend time and make money with programming like
> you and me, they need to spend their time to make money in other
> ways and do not have time left for reading manuals. I personally
> (even if you are basicly right) think it is a null answer sending
> somebody reading man or faq or books. That does not help anything.
> In fact windows success is that you do not need to read a word and
> that you can learn it at any school. There *nix is far behind. It
> does not help a bit that we know (or say) *nix is better and on the
> other side we offend newcomers sending them to shut up.
> João
>>Second, in the year you spent learning Linux, have you
>>tried reading a book, like for example this one?
>> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/runux4/
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>>>ok will all i can say is this for a newbie on linux there is no
>>>good place to start ... to learn it . 2nd there is no good place
>>>to start to learn it 3rd and last there is no good oplace to
>>>learn it... iam sorry but i think this is one of the biggest
>>>problems with linux and any other thign to do with it there isnt
>>>a place to start ... not one place i have been tryin for over a
>>>year to get wine to work and no place to read on a start to
>>>finish manul .. no place for good FAQ's no place for problems ..
>>>sorry programmers there r smiple people out here we all cant
>>>read ur manuls u write ..... oen person not on linux becuse of
>>>one problem WINE removing myself form list thank u

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