[Wine]Re: wine-20040914

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Oct 11 06:17:21 CDT 2004

John Wildberger wrote:
> On Sunday 10 October 2004 09:19 pm, you wrote:
>  John Wildberger wrote:
>>| Directly copied from winehq:
>>| File: Wine-20040914.tar.gz  	10771 KB  	09/14/2004  	10:17:00 PM
>>Could you indicate which page on winehq this came from?
> first go to winehq page, then go to official download site:
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6241&package_id=77449>
> 	D/L	Arch.	Type
> Source Packages
>     Release Notes 20040914 [show only this release]	2004-09-14 15:00
>     Wine-20040914.tar.gz	11029129 	8062 	Platform-Independent	Source .gz
> John  

I think that the question being asked is not so much which file you're 
referring to, but rather, why are you using the source tarball rather 
than the Mandrake RPM found on the full display of the Sourceforge page.

The page section you linked to shows only the source tarballs; notice 
the "show only this package" in the section copy below? The link you 
gave is the "show only this package" link for the source tarballs.

The full page is found at

and contains the following section

Mandrake Packages [show only this package]
     Release Notes 20040914 [show only this release]	2004-09-14 15:00
     wine-20040914-mdkdebug.i586.rpm	56485669 	5035 	i386	.rpm
     wine-20040914-mdk.i586.rpm	12563628 	9689 	i386	.rpm
     Release Notes 20040813 [show only this release]	2004-08-13 15:00
     wine-20040813-mdkdebug.i586.rpm	55522356 	5406 	i386	.rpm
     wine-20040813-mdk.i586.rpm	12809769 	11459 	i386	.rpm
     Release Notes 20040716 [show only this release]	2004-07-16 15:00
     wine-20040716-mdkdebug.i586.rpm	54123564 	4697 	i386	.rpm
     wine-20040716-mdk.i586.rpm	12556396 	9811 	i386	.rpm

There is presumably a reason that the Wine project has compiled binaries 
for all the major distributions, and the fact that they have gone to 
that extra effort suggests that you would probably have better results 
from the binaries for your distribution, rather than compiling from 
source yourself.

Hope this helps,

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