[Wine]Re: wine-20040914

John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Mon Oct 11 10:57:05 CDT 2004

On Monday 11 October 2004 07:17 am, Holly Bostick wrote:

> I think that the question being asked is not so much which file you're
> referring to, but rather, why are you using the source tarball rather
> than the Mandrake RPM found on the full display of the Sourceforge page.

No, this was not the question.
But to answer your implied question I quote from the Wine User Guide:
 "To summarize, the "best" way to install Wine is to download Wine source 
" About binary package files:  There's about a zillion reasons to not like 
them as much as you'd think: they may be outdated, they may not include 
"everything", they are not optimized for your particular environment (as 
opposed to a source compile, which would guess and set everything based on 
your system), they frequently fail to provide a completely configured Wine 
environment. "
end quote.
You might not agree with these quotes, but they are read by new users and are 
taken seriously.
I personally don't take them seriously, but am sufficiently curious to find 
out first hand by trying  to install from source.

> The page section you linked to shows only the source tarballs; notice
> the "show only this package" in the section copy below? The link you
> gave is the "show only this package" link for the source tarballs.
I  simply answered the question:
 "Could you indicate which page on winehq this came from?'

> There is presumably a reason that the Wine project has compiled binaries
> for all the major distributions, and the fact that they have gone to
> that extra effort suggests that you would probably have better results
> from the binaries for your distribution, rather than compiling from
> source yourself.
See above quotes.

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