Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Oct 19 11:03:35 CDT 2004

John Wildberger wrote:
> The main improvement was the change from italics to normal font. They are 
> still rather small but at least legible. The fonts for the window dressings 
> that surounds an application (includs toolbar) seem to be tied in to the 
> design of the application and cannot be changed to other fonts by the user. 
> If it cannot find the font that it needs, then an italics default font is 
> used. I think this is a flaw in wine. The default should be a normal font 
> instead. Well, wine has not reache the version 1.0 level yet, so there is 
> still hope.
> John

Several default fonts have recently been created and added to Wine, I 
believe for this specific reason. I don't really know what the state of 
them is currently, though.

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