[Wine]Corel Draw 11

Chris Rodgers rodgers at physchem.ox.ac.uk
Fri Oct 22 05:41:29 CDT 2004

> Did you try a native comctl32.dll?
Yes, that appears to make no difference at all.

I have also tried using the Desktop option in [x11drv], but that didn't
make the text draw correctly. I have also tried turning on/off the
various other options under [x11drv] such as
"UseDGA","PerfectGraphics",... These didn't make any difference either.

> > > Drawing defects are extremely difficult to debug remotely, it looks that
> > > maybe some very level drawing algorithms are not completely accurate.
> > > Perhaps you can supply a screen shot when zooming in to this pixel
> > > noise. I'm actually amazed how far you have come.
> > 
> > I'm not quite sure what you need in addition to
> > http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sjoh1127/CorelDraw.tif
> > Can you explain a little bit more if you want something else?
> I would like to see that picture but at a different zoom factor, say
> 400%. If the problem is in the low level drawing code the "noise" will
> be (relatively to the drawing) less. If the problem is with the text
> glyphs the noise will be relatively the same.

OK, I have prepared a set of screenshots which zoom in on the figure you
saw before to different levels. They are available at


> > Finally, I should mention that the very first time a picture is drawn
> > (after the file opens), the text looks OK. I agree that it looks like
> > some small inconsistency in the wine drawing code???
> When/how does it get polluted?

In fact, I think that I was wrong about this. The TestBigTest... images
compare a file created under Windows 2000, and then opened in Wine under
Corel Draw. The distortion is there immediately, it's just that with my
previous figure, when I first open it, the text is too small to see the

Many thanks,


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