[Wine]Mozilla ActiveX control

Dan McGhee farmerdan at i-rule.net
Tue Oct 26 18:46:18 CDT 2004

Joris Huizer wrote:

> I'm using wine/cvs and I'm trying to get IE6 installed (the windows 
> tree I got using method #2 doesn't work with the current wine/cvs)

I have never used method #2 successfully. I depend on Mike Hearn's 
script. This script adds DLLOVERRIDES to the AppDefault section of the 
config file.

> I setup the config file so wine simulates an nt environment; then, 
> after deselecting VML the download completes;

Does IE6 actually start for you with the latest wine from cvs? Knowing 
full well that the installation methods may cause this difference, I 
have not been able to get IE6 to run since a patch committed on Sept 
27--#13938. Everything I have read indicates that things work better 
with a win98 environment. However, your comments indicate otherwise.

> However, wine then complains I do not have the Mozilla ActiveX control 
> installed (for mshtml.dll)
> Can anyone tell me how to install Mozilla ActiveX control, in such a 
> way that wine can use it? I can't find much about this

I also have not been able to use Mozilla ActiveX after I install it. 
There is another situation that I have identified. IE6 Help Engine 
worked with a native mshtml before patch #13475. I am currently 
generating logs with debug info to submit the results of my regressions 
to the developers' list.

I have learned that if a use a system.reg and a user.reg taken from wine 
compiled from source before 20040824 16:00:00 CDT in a version of wine 
compiled from the current cvs, IE6 and its Help Engine are fully functional.



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