[Wine]Re: _wrapped_ java application with wine

Mario Ohnewald mario.Ohnewald at gmx.de
Thu Oct 28 15:05:52 CDT 2004

> Your question was already answered in the reply to your first post.  
> > This means that if you want to run a Java-programm, 
> > you have to install Java.
> He didn't mean that you have to install the jre with wine.  He meant
> that you should go to java.sun.com, click on the J2SE 5.0 link, and
> download the binary that is compatible with your system.  It looks
> like you're running debian, so you can download the linux jre and
> install it.  Wine isn't needed for java.

I know! Java is Plattform or OS independent.

But fact is that you can not run this application with java only, you need
to  start it with wine.

Please proof me wrong:

I hope i am wrong. But i have already tried so much, and asked many ppl,
that i think wine is the only solution :(

If you have 5mins, download that application, and try to run it with java.
It never worked for me. :(

Thanks, Mario

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