[Wine]How to help improving Wine?

Emanuele Gissi emanuele.gissi at vigilfuoco.ra.it
Fri Oct 29 01:31:46 CDT 2004

Alle 04:38, venerdì 29 ottobre 2004, hai scritto:
> Hi Emanuele,
> After poking around a bit, there seems to be a logical problem in Wine's
> I don't know, so I'm forwarding to wine-devel 
> for greater insight.
> - Walter

I really thank you all for the fast and complete response you sent!
That really astonished me (I will think to you in my next chem emergency ;-).
I am going to try what you explained and tell you if it works.

What I still do not understand is why ALOHA works in Crossover (the footprint 
too) and not in Wine? Are these projects so different?
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