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On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 05:13:22PM +0300, Kyryll Mirnenko wrote:
> > Are you using the NTFS filesystem? Are you making the filesystem
> > writeable by Linux? Is that really a good idea?
> No, I'm on FreeBSD5.2.1, no NTFS-writable driver for it, but I did export
> the alive XP SP2 installation to UFS2/FFS. Cold it be that the problem is
> system case-sensitively (%SystemRoot%/system32/config/* are all low-case)?
> Permissions are OK, I've even tried it for root.

FreeBSD may or may not have a couple problems not found on Linux. 
That's issue one.  Number two, case sensitivity is almost definately an
issue.  For example, loads of scripts and programs use paths like
C:\Windows, c:\windows, or C:\WINDOWS for the win9x home directory (when
not using the environment vars), and that can be really confusing.  In
9x/FAT, the default install dir is C:\WINDOWS, yet with the correct
shell/explorer options, in 9x, it appears as a folder called 'windows'.

> I'll try some simple debugging next week to find the truth...
> > ??? Most of us (at least I think it is most of us) do not use a real
> > Windows partition with Wine. I certainly have not done so for years, and
> > I don't notice any problems with file parsing. There are plenty of other
> > places in Wine that need optimization long before registry file parsing,
> > at least IMO.

Firstly, XP SP2 had major updates that broke Windows programs, so make
sure that's not an issue.  Furthermore, IIRC, 9x support is best, and
ME/XP/etc had modifications and complications in relation to the 9x
regestries, layouts, etc. etc. etc.

> Dealing with mmap() issue (or making FBSD developers deal with their kernel)
> is higher priority :) My wine is Gerald Pfeifer's May version port

Did you look at exactly what changes were made in the port?  Maybe
that's an issue.  And would a current wine CVS, or say, the August
release, compile on FreeBSD?

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