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piuras at ig.com.br piuras at ig.com.br
Fri Sep 10 08:44:00 CDT 2004

Excuse me , but I need to run Oracle under wine-linux, I have a full system 
developed in windows and I need to change its to linux, but I don´t have 2 
or 3 years to migrate. I just have one month. After that I will rebuiding 
the full system in linux in Java. 
So a need help now, can you help me ? Or someone can help me ? 
I just need to now how to conect an aplication with oracle that is runing in 
wine. I have configured the system under linux by the way similar to windows 
but the conection broken by timeout. I don´t have error messages just it 
doesn´t work. 
I am using oracle 10g and instant client. The problem seems to be related 
with the JVM under wine, but I am not sure. 

Thanks for your help. 


Em 10 Sep 2004, thadden at web.de escreveu: 

>Am Fre, Sep 10, 2004 at 12:09:07 -0300 schrieb piuras: 
>> How can I configure oracle to run under wine in linux. 
>You don't want to do that. There is Oracle for Linux. That is MUCH 
>Wine is not the "I want to run all my windows programs and don't want to 
>learn anything about linux" solution. If you want that: Stay on windows! 
>Wine is the "I have two or three programs that are not available under 
>linux and there are no equivalents around" solution. It's beta, does not 
>implement everything, does not work for many programs, has many bugs, 
>but it's absolut the most advanced reprogramming of an faulty, bad and 
>often undocumented API I've ever seen!!! 
> Joachim 
>"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system? 
> Never run a touchy system!!!" 

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