[Wine]Bridge master and wine 20040919

Jan Alboszta janek at jedza.gwozdzie.dhs.org
Tue Sep 21 11:25:58 CDT 2004

Thanks to Beatriz Botero I know such thing should work nice.
But I try some combinations and always get result as on pictures:
while it shoud be
I would prefer fake-windows but tried also with real ones.
My system is slackware-current with kernel 2.6.9-rc1 but then I tried
knoppix 3.6  (kernel 2.4.x) and it's Wine (same result, other fonts are
used but same thing missing)
Thought about trouble with my nvidia card and it's drivers but Knoppix
uses the "nv" from x11. Beside I check it on other computer (using
Knoppix) with different video, and same picture.
Default run is not talkative, Wine doesn't complain, what I should put to
WINEDEBUG to catch why it's drawing only part.
Thanks for any ideas and tips.

Jan Alboszta

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